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What is Oldie-Friendly Hackney?

Our aim is to make Hackney a more welcoming and accessible borough to our older residents. Through our work at City & Hackney Carers Centre we have learned from many older carers and the people they care for that lack of services or facilities for older people can lead to social isolation.

Many of Hackney’s public toilets have been closed, gentrification is attracting restaurants and shops whose main aim is to get the younger generations pouring cash into their tills. People who have lived in Hackney for decades now feel unwelcome in many of the cafes that now line our high streets. It’s time for the Oldies to reclaim their borough! After all, we’ll all be Oldies one day.

Over the course of the next few months we will be contacting local businesses to discuss how they can make their venue or services more oldie-friendly. We will also be contacting local schools to hold conversations with youngsters around the positive and negative aspects of growing old. We are an ageing society and we need to challenge people’s ageist views of older people

New supporters on the map

  • The Shakespeare

    The Shakespeare

    We like The Shakespeare because … You can use the toilet or just stop for a breather without having to buy a drink. There are no stairs. Doesn’t have a …
  • Hackney Empire

    Hackney Empire

    We like Hackney Empire because You get a £2 discount if you’re an oldie. You can take your carer for free if you’ve got one. Some of their shows offer …
  • Whitmore Community Centre

    Whitmore Community Centre

    We like Whitmore Community Centre because … We run a drop-in every Friday afternoon 2-5pm for Oldies. Bring your laptop, tablet or Smartphone and we’ll show you how to use …
  • Marina Café

    Marina Café

    We like Marina Café because … You can pop in and use their toilets They will help you off with your coat and into your seat You don’t have to …
  • Coffee Afrique

    Coffee Afrique

    We like Coffee Afrique because … They are a fantastic social enterprise offering free soup to Oldies in chilly weather and home delivery if you’re unwell. Lovely cheerful people run …

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